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The responsibilities undertaken by efficient and effective Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD) are complex and vast.

The EMD is an extremely important component, critical to Medic 1 Ambulance's ability to provide a quick, appropriate response to requests for emergency medical services. As such, the EMD is an integral part of Medic 1's emergency response team.

When you Call: what the EMD will Need to Know

  • The LOCATION of the Emergency

  • The PHONE NUMBER where the Emergency is

  • The NATURE of the Emergency


Stay Calm

Speak Clearly

Stay on the telephone until you are instructed to hang up

Advanced Emergency Medical Dispatch (AEMD)

Emergency Priority Dispatch Systems have been recognized as an essential component of effective emergency dispatch. Proper and timely training as well as a sound protocol are what help emergency services deliver quality care to the calling public.

The Communications Staff at Medic 1 are Certified at the Advanced Level through the National (or International) Academy of EMD. The AEMD can positively influence all aspects of Emergency Medicine.

Through the use of established protocols, the AEMD offers the life saving link between the community and the emergency response team. The helpful and positive instruction provided by the AEMD, over the telephone, to the caller offers the community a safe, confident, and effective environment to assist in the emergent situation. 

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