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Just for Kids!

This section highlights the some of the Community Education offered by Medic 1 Ambulance as well as Fun & Educational websites for kids.

Safety & Injury Prevention

These are pictures from some of the recent events Medic 1 has been to...

Hartford Safety Jamboree

Medic 1 gets ready for the 2007 Safety Jamboree hosted by the Hartford Fire Department


Andy drives around gathering kids to talk to them about safety


Everyone is entertained by Andy as he talks to the kids about not tlking to strangers


Medic 1 talks to the kids while Andy is taking a nap

These are great websites for learning & fun!


Important Safety Tips

Away From Home Safety Tips
Holiday Safety Tips
Back to School Safety Tips
Household Safety Tips
Fire Safety Tips
Outdoor Safety Tips
Fireworks Safety Tips
Personal Safety Tips
Halloween Safety Tips
School Bus Safety Tips

Theses Safety Tips are provided by Community Safety Net in partnership with Medic 1 Ambulance to help make your community a safer place.

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