Medic 1 Ambulance also offers many non-emergency services related to Emergency Medical Services. Inter-facility transfers compose the largest portion of non-emergency services, but Medic 1 also participates in promotional activities.

Wheelchair Transportation

  • Medic 1 Ambulance operates the Wheelchair Express division as a service to our community. Our fleet of vehicles has been designed to transport patients who are confined to a wheel chair or who cannot get around like they used to. Vans are equipped with a lift to allow for easy loading and unloading and can accommodate up to two wheel chairs and three ambulatory clients.
  • The destination of a wheelchair van cannot be an emergency room or other acute care setting.
  • Transportation is available for dialysis appointments, radiation or physician appointments, hospital admissions and discharges, nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, scheduled family events, Home for the Holidays events, or other destinations as scheduling and service area allows.  The vans can accommodate up to two wheel chairs at time and up to three ambulatory clients.
  • Wheelchair transportation can be arranged in advance as scheduling allows accommodating Medic 1 service areas.


  • Medic 1 Ambulance provides medical coverage for a wide variety of events such as concerts, community festivals, sporting events, outdoor activities, auto racing, equestrian activities, and other large events to provide medical services on site to handle emergencies as they arise. Please contact our Operations Manager for more information on standby coverage and fees associated with such an event.


  • Medic 1 Ambulance provides EMS education to schools and community members and offers ambulance tours to high school and elementary students.
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